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Finalsite University Giveaway

Get 3 months of Messages XR FREE
with the purchase of a 3-year contract

*Must include voice and/or SMS

Finalsite Messages XR


Managing mass messages doesn't have to be hard.

Messages XR extends your reach, making it easy to send emails, texts, voice calls, mobile app notifications, website alerts, and social media posts — and translate — with just one click.

  • Prepare your messages, alerts and posts all in one place and send them with just one click via: Email, SMS text, voice phone call, mobile app notification, website alert and social media.
  • Every message sent through Messages XR can be translated into the recipient's preferred language before you hit send.
  • Ensure messages are sent to parents and staff with the most up-to-date and accurate contact data when you integrate Finalsite Messages XR with your SIS  or other information system.

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Terms & Conditions

This offer is for three months free of Messages XR including voice and/or text with the purchase of a three-year contract. Only individuals working at school or district are eligible for this offer. To take advantage of this offer, a contract must be signed by June 30, 2022.