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Finalsite University 2024
for Independent Schools


Four types of tailored learning experiences are designed to help you thrive:

Best Practice: Explore the latest Finalsite products, uncovering the best practices and use cases that will elevate your experience like never before.

Hands-On: Roll up your sleeves and work on specific projects with the guidance of Finalsite experts. You'll leave with newfound skills you can implement right away!

Website Overhaul: Dive into this comprehensive track of hands-on sessions led by industry experts and get ready to revamp the most crucial pages of your school's website. Gain the tools and guidance needed to ensure it remains user-friendly and engaging, allowing you to walk away feeling accomplished and empowered to drive impactful change.

Workshop: Immerse yourself in extended workshop sessions where Finalsite experts will guide you toward achieving specific outcomes and objectives for your school. Sessions are 110 minutes (2 session blocks) long and are limited to 20 people.

Round Table: Bring your ideas to the table! Engage in collaborative discussions, share ideas, and gain insights from your peers on various topics that matter to you.



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